Clay Masks: review

Hi guys!

Today I will be talking about the clay masks that I am currently using on my combination/oily skin. The ones I am going to review are: Super volcanic clay mask & Aztec Healing Clay Mask with 100% rose water. I’m going to write a little bit about the clay masks, and the benefits of using them.

One of the main functions of a clay mask is to absorb excessive oils (sebum) leaving our skin smooth and dry. Using clay mask can benefit skin by removing any dead skin cells and giving it a healthy glow (Yass! 😀 ). There are different types of clay masks and each one of them can benefit our skin in different ways so it is worth you guys trying a few different ones, to see which one is best for your skin type.

Now let’s talk about the first clay mask: Super volcanic pore clay mask.




The Innisfree Super volcanic clay face mask came in a 100ml pot that was rather cute. On the retailer’s website, it said that its made from minerals released by volcanic explosion and contains 6,020mg of Jeju volcanic clay. The mask is supposed to help control the sebum, cleansing our skin & exfoliating it, shrinking pores (which is one of the main reasons why I decided to buy it) and brightening the skin. Well I decided to give it a go and see the benefits for myself.


I applied it to my face with my fingertips and left it on to dry for about 20 mins. When it was dry, I washed it off with warm water. It was quite easy to get off my skin, taking about 5 minutes to remove. The first result that I found was the smoothness of my skin and the cooling effect. It didn’t feel dry, just smooth, and (Thank God) not oily, but refreshed. My large pores seemed smaller as well, the full effect of that I saw after I applied my foundation. I normally have quite wide pores and because they were now much smaller, my skin looked a lot smoother. So even for that benefit, I will be using that mask again at least once a week. I love how it made my skin feel, also the fact that I didn’t have to use blotting paper to get rid of excess oil on my face every hour.  Made me love it !!


The second mask I am going to review today is a FaceTox clay mask with rose water (reduce the redness of the irritated skin, helps to get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema)



The mask came in a box which contains:

7 x 30g mixed FaceTox Blend sachets

7 x 30ml Organic Rose Water sachets

1 x Plastic Mixing Bowl

1 x Plastic Spatula


Now what I love about this face mask is the fact that it is organic, vegan friendly, cruelty and paraben free. To me it’s a big bonus and I already love it!!!

Using this mask is slightly different to the one I have reviewed above. Before you apply the mask, you mix Blend sachets with Rose water (smells lovely) for that you can use the spatula and the bowl provided. Then you apply it to your face and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.

Now this mask is different from the volcanic clay one. It is not as easy to wash off, it took me good 10 minutes and a lot of scrubbing to completely wash it off my face. But that’s the only downside of the mask. The end effect is very similar and as good as with the other clay mask. The only difference is that it leaves your skin feeling a lot tighter but still refreshed, with minimized pores and almost silky smooth skin J

I would recommend you guys to try both masks, as they both amazing, especially if you have a combination/oily skin, large open pores, and want to get rid of some spots

Tip: Don’t leave it on for too long as it can make your skin dry!

I hope you guys enjoyed the review and if you have any questions drop me a comment xx


Love JJ xx

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