Make-Up tutorial

Hi readers !! 

Today I want to show you guys the make-up look, I did on myself few days ago and describe, how I achieved it :))) 


Before I applied any make-up on, I washed my face with warm water to open up the pores, and then pat dried it with a towel . After , I used a spray toner for combination/oily skin to get rid of any sebum and to matte my skin .Once my face was fully dry,  I started the make-up application  ….

I decided to write this make-up tutorial in bullet points as I think it will be easier… 

Black & white winged eyeliner make up look 🙂
  • Brush your eyebrows with a brow brush and then proceed to draw them on. To draw my eyebrows on I have used Anastasia Beverly Hills 7B brush duo and ABH brow pomade in granite.  Tip : I like to draw my brows on before I apply the foundation, so if anything goes wrong, I can always wipe it off and start over . 
  • Highlight your eyebrows (go underneath and above the eyebrow,blend it ), for highlighting I use any light concealer.
  • Apply concealer to your eyelids, blend it , you can use damp beauty blender . 
  • Set your eyelids with translucent setting powder
  • Apply nude eyeshadow to your crease , the one I have used is from Tartelette palette shade “wanderer” after , apply lighter shade to your lid  I used “free spirit” also from Tartelette palette.  Make sure you blend your eyeshadows well, my favourite blending brush is from Eco Tools. 
  • Draw a black eyeliner wing on your eyelid followed by white liner wing just above the black liner. If you go over the black liner too much , don’t worry just let the white eyeliner dry, and fix it with black . 
  • Apply white eye pencil to your waterline, I used the NYX Jumbo eye pencil. 
  • Apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes . 
  • Apply fake eyelashes. Measure the eyelash against your eyelid , and if it is too long trim the band with nail scissors. Once you have done it, apply glue to the band, and let it dry for 30 seconds, so it becomes sticky . Once you stuck the eyelash on to your eyelid, you “can” add some more mascara, to blend them with your own lashes . 

Now that the Eye make up is done lets move on to the face… 

  • Apply primer to your face , the one I have used was YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer ( It’s amazing !) 
  • Apply your foundation. The foundation I have used to do this make up look, was Estee Lauder Double Wear in shade Tawny (3W1) & Toasty Toffee mixed together (4W1). I applied it with a Real Techniques foundation brush .
  • Highlight the areas you want to accentuate, by adding concealer, 2 shades lighter than your foundation. I normally apply it under my eyes , in the middle of my forehead , bridge of the nose & cupids bow. Concealer I used was Maybelline age rewinding eye concealer in Nude. Blend it with damp beauty blender.
  • Set your face with translucent powder
  • Contour your cheeks by applying 2 shades darker bronzer. Start from your ears, end in the middle of your cheeks. I contour my face right under my jawline to make it appear more narrow, because my face is round . Bronzer used : Benefit “Hoola”   
  • Contour your forehead if your face is round(sides of your forehead,along the temples) ,heart shape(sides and temples) , oblong ( contour slightly),rectangle(sides), square,(on the sides of your forehead).
  •  Apply highlighter of your choice on your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow.  Highlighter that I used was MAC ” Global Glow” 
  • Put on some blush on your cheeks.  Blush I used was Benefit ” Dallas” 
  • Apply a lipstick of your choice . On this picture I didn’t have any lipstick on but my choice for that day was NYX LIQUID Suede  ” Sandstorm” . 
  • Smile your makeover is done :)))) 

I hope you guys enjoy this written tutorial and, If there’s anything you want to ask I’m here to answer x 

Love JJ xx 

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