Primark Make-Up Brushes : review

Hi Loves !<3

Today I’m gonna do a quick review on Primark Oval brushes , as I definitely think , they are worth mentioning. I have been using them for a good few weeks, and they replaced some of my Real Techniques brushes…. 

The reason why I like these brushes is their quality and affordable price. Where I used to spend £9 and more on a foundation brush, I now buy the same quality brush for just £4. Now I don’t mind spending money on brushes, but if I found something good , why not buy it just because its cheap ? Right? ! 🙂 

Here are pictures of the brushes…



The bristles are very soft and the density is amazing . The brushes have so many bristles, that they doing an amazing job at preventing the product settling at the base of the brush, which means you get more out of it .  Now I’m liking it, as there’s nothing worse, than a waste of good foundation or eyeshadow …  

I use these brushes to apply my foundation,contour my face and powder application . The brushes distrubute the product nicely and the design gives you more control when applying make-up. Sounds great, doesn’t it ?! 🙂

TIP : Remember, If you don’t have good brushes no matter how expensive the product you use, u won’t be able to see its full potential . Good brushes are a must if you expect a flawless finish . Also good doesn’t mean expensive … 

When I approached to clean the brushes, I was worried that they will lose the density and will end up in the BIN  ! Well… I was wrong, they’re still going in strong, and look and feel just like when I first bought them 🙂

TIP: wash your brushes with baby conditioner or hypoalergic soap.


Now If you’re looking to give these brushes a go, I suggest you go to one of the bigger Primark Stores, as not all of them have a beauty section.  What a shame  .. I thought exactly the same thing… 

I hope you guys enjoyed my quick review and if you decide to purchase them, let me know how you got on ❤

Love JJ

6 thoughts on “Primark Make-Up Brushes : review”

  1. I just bought the Etude House version of this and it didn’t work out for me at all! If i come across these brushes at Primark, I’m definitely going to give these a try. Great post! 🙂


    1. Oh that’s a shame with the brushes you bought Hun. Theres nothing worse than buying something that don’t work 😞 Its worth giving Primark brushes a try as they really good, let me know how u got on with them if you decide to purchase them 😘 Love J x

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  2. Great post, I have wanted to try the oval brushes for a long time but they have all been on the expensive side, will def give these a try as they sound just what I want! Thank you ! X

    Liked by 1 person

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