Shopping haul : Summer bits :)

Hey beautiful people ❤ 

I love shopping so, I decided to start buying my holiday clothes & accessories early, for my holiday to Mykonos in September . I like to mix and match,different brands but today,…I want to show you, what I picked up at Primark yesterday , when I went to buy my brushes… I do like to pop in to Primark, once in a while, as often their clothes are very similar, to other brands like, River Island, TopShop, and New Look but just cheaper … I think Primark upped their game , when it comes to clothing & accessories . Their clothes are not as of poor quality as they used to be and they’re more trendy. I hope you guys like my picks ❤ 


I really love that swimwear, and as soon as I’ve seen it, I decided I must buy it . It it very pretty and was cheap.   I didn’t pay no more than £10 for that swimming costume, the top cost £4 and pants cost the same.  


That set cost a little bit more, £6 for the bra and £4 for the pants…  To me £2 don’t really  make a difference, but if  you yourself are a student, I assume you looking for something affordable… The black glasses cost £3  and the clear ones £1. I’ve seen similar glasses to the black ones, at TopShop for £12, so £9 cheaper does feel like a bargain….


I also decided to buy this little palette, as it seemed to be quite well pigmented, and the shades are just so pretty  . Unfortunately when I opened it at home ,it was broke . I might try attempt to fix it ,if I get time…temporary

Overall I’m really happy with my shopping trip, as I love the stuff I found in the store… I hope you guys liked my post, and if you have any questions, just drop me a comment ❤ 


Love JJ  ❤


4 thoughts on “Shopping haul : Summer bits :)”

    1. They fit me just fine and I got a size 12 bottom and 10 top x I would say they’re true to size but also have to remember that , size doesn’t determine the body shape x


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