Stila lip glosses and baked cheek duo : review

Hi guys !

Today I want to show you the lip glosses and blush, that I bought on Stila website… The make-up, that I bought was on sale, and I’m gonna list the prices under each picture

Here’s there pictures of the make-up I have bought… temporary

It came in cute paper boxes… 


As you can see on the pictures, I bought 2 lip glosses, set of lip glosses and a blush … 

The 2 lip glosses that you can see on the pictures, are very similar in texture(sticky) and shade. There isn’t really much difference, as to how they look, once you put them on .They’re glittery nudes that smell lovely and sweet…. Almost edible 


This is how silk shimmer gloss in shade ‘kitten gloss’ looks on my lips 


I really like it, and I fell like it makes my lips look fuller, than they actually are … I paid £4.50 for that lip gloss, and the original price was £15. So you pretty much get 70% off… 

The second lip gloss is called magnificent metals lip gloss and I got it in shade ‘ citrine’ 


Just like with the other lip gloss I got it for 70% off so paid only £4.50 … It is a very similar shade, to the one above, and you can barely see any difference when wearing it, unless I’m blind … 

The lip gloss set cost me £12.50 and the original price was £25 (50% off)

Here are the swatches of all the lip glosses. The first two are ‘ kitten gloss’ and citrine. And the rest is the set, in the same order that it is in the box. As you can see, there isn’t much difference in shade, between the first two lip glosses , and the last three, with the last one ,having no glitter in it  … DSC_0158.jpg

The lip glosses that come from the set, need to be twisted, in order for them to come out … When i started twisting the lip gloss I  thought ,there was no end to it … When you look at the  lip gloss, it seems like there a lot in it, but there actually isn’t… I decided to compare the unused one, with the one, that I twisted for the first time, to do the swatches … It looks as if, almost half of it is gone already :/ To me thats cheating the customer … How naughty … 


Lets move on to the blush and I am telling you now. I BLOODY LOVE IT


I paid for it £7.50 and the original price was £15… BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN …

I haven’t used the ‘pink glow’ shade on my face just yet but I have used the darker one on my cheeks.  I love how well pigmented this duo is ,and the fact that it comes, in a nice sturdy packaging.  It is my to go blush now


This is how it looks,on my chubby cheeks … It’s my new favourite blush, and I will be ordering more today, just in case …

Overall I’m very happy with Stila cosmetics maybe not the cheating bit,but still …  I will be ordering again from their website… The sales are good, can’t complain 😀 

Thank you for reading my review ❤

Stila website

Love JJ

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