Morphe 35F (fall into frost) palette : review

Hello beautiful creatures ! 

I have been given this palette for my 26th birthday. It was given to me by my lovely friend Laurs… Yass my girl knows what I like…. She managed to get it, before it fully sold out in March ! 😉  I was lucky to be one of the owners … 

Back to the palette… I always wanted to try Morphe palettes after reading good reviews about them, on beauty forums and Instagram.  For some reason I never bought one, don’t even know why… As soon as I’ve seen 35F I wanted it for those beautiful burgundy,orangeish shades that were in the palette. 

The palette comes in a plastic compact, that is rather large. The compact is black colour with Morphe written on the top,and at the back there is only a tiny sticker, thats says ’35F’.  


This Goddess has 35 shades (hence the name 35F), a mixture of mattes and metal . The variety of shades is really good, but I do think that, one to two light shades is enough, rather than 4 very similar ones. However, the fact that the shades are close to one another in tone, makes them perfect transition shades especially the matte shades. 

I really love the the orangey, purple and burgundish shades. It does pain me though, that there isn’t a matte burgundy shade included, as this would make the palette just prefect. I do use a lot of eyeshadows from the palette,so I would definitely say that the colours are wearable. ..

I decided to do swatches for you guys to show you, how the shadows show up on the skin. The consistency of the metal shadows, made them very easy to swatch, as the eyeshadows are very buttery/soft and with a very high pigment level. The only ones that don’t show up as much on the skin are the mattes, however when applying it on to the eyelids ,they show up just as well as the metals.

Swatches of all the shades —->






Overall I think that 35F palette is beautiful.  I like how I don’t need to spend much time applying the eyeshadows, because of the high pigment level (no need to build up the shadow). Don’t be put off with matte eyeshadows,they show up stronger on the eyelids than on the hand…  I understand that this palette might not be everyones cup of tea, as some women  like more of a soft day look, rather than evening glam… Myself I like to show my creativity, and often you can see me, with shimmery shadows during the day, unless I’m on lazy mode… Thats when I dip my brushes in soft mattes and go for that quick day look…  

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my review, let me know your thoughts on the palette ❤

Price of the palette £23.50

 Link to the palette


Love JJ ❤   

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