Holiday experience : Saint Tropez

Hi guys !<3 

Today I’m gonna write a quick post about the holiday I went on 2 years ago in May . It was my first ever holiday(couples trip) and the best one so far  â¤  The best one because of experiences :  food , location and entertainment … Since then I have been to Malta,Belgium,Paris and Ibiza but this holiday beats all of them. St Tropez is that one place that I will always dream of going back to… 


The flight from London to Nice airport was approx. 2 hours long  . Once we arrived(my partner,friends) we took a cab(1.5h) to our hotel ‘ Residence De La Pinede’ which is the best hotel ever, I mean it ! 🙂  That 5* hotel has its own 3 Michelin stars  restaurant,swimming pool and a private beach for those lovely cocktails 🍹🍹 by the sea whilst you sunbathing …



During our stay the service at the hotel was impeccable and the food was just amazing especially breakfast, I would die for it … 


At the Michelin star restaurant dinner we were served 7 courses . The food was served every 20 mins giving us enough time to eat those tiny portions…  I didn’t eat all of the meals as I don’t like sea food 🙈 Also in the meantime we were offered fresh bakery, yumm.  Just to add I had the best wine I ever had at this restaurant, it tasted so nice and sweet  … The bill for the food came up to about 4.5k for for 8 ppl so bear that in mind, if you intend to eat that tiny star rated food…

Pictures of some of the food that we had at the restaurant.





During our 4 night stay in Saint Tropez we took walks into town (5 mins away),went on jet ski, explored different restaurants and clubs. We also went Nikki beach which, I love for those massive beds in the sun, cocktails by the pools and the actual atmosphere.  We did also take a trip to Monaco which was full up, with many expensive cars parked on the sides of the road,due to people coming to watch F1 races. Whilst in Monaco we went clubbing ,the vibe was slightly different from London clubs but still very good… Experiences… Experiences… 

On our last day we took a helicopter to Nice airport as it was much quicker, 20 mins compared to 1.5 cab drive… I was so scared to get inside that machine, I literally seen myself die in it :/ Once we took off, the helicopter felt so fragile, its nothing like the plane, trust me when I’m telling you this(it shakes and shit!)… However I did get over my fears half way through that short journey and managed to enjoy it for 5 mins … Yup



Overall Saint Tropez is that one place that I will always want to go back to… It has something about it, that is just hard to explain… I fell in love with it and I would give anything just to go back for few days …. ❤ 

I hope you guys enjoyed my post <33


Love JJ ❤ 



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