Medium/High coverage foundations review pt.1

Hey Lovelies !!<3

Today I’m gonna write a medium/high coverage foundations review. I have quiet few foundations to review, so I will do it over 2 blog posts. The 4  foundations that I will review in this post are : Estee Lauder Double Wear, Ester Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover, Loreal True Match, Chanel Vitalumiere . 

Lets start with the first one… 

Estee Lauder Double Wear

I have been using this foundation for about 2 years now. I came across it on some website, when I was looking for a good coverage matte foundation . At that time I was quite self conscious about my skin ,because I have a little bit of acne scaring on my cheeks. Nothing big but still, it’s there … Anyway back to foundation ! I bought it in House of Fraser at Estee Lauder Counter . The lady matched me with shade Tawny(3W1) which is a bit too light for me so I mix it with Toasted Toffee (4W2) . This liquid foundation comes in a glass bottle, with no pump which is a downside for me.  I always end up putting too much foundation on my mixing palette ugggh it hurts when I need to bin it after … The consistency is quiet runny, and the foundation dries up really fast so you have to be quick when applying it .  I normally apply it with a foundation brush and work on my face bit by bit . The coverage is really good I would say it’s definitely high , it covers all my imperfections , freckles under my eyes,redness and little moles on my face. That is why I normally use it when I go out to a club or a late night dinner ,as I no longer feel like, I need so much coverage during the day . Taking it off also puts me off wearing it everyday as it doesn’t come off as easily with standard face wipes, but a good waterproof make up remover works its trick, and u can get it off in seconds. I’m usualy lazy by the time it gets to bedtime, and I dont want to spend too much time taking my make up off so yeh … Overall I really like this foundation, it gives you that perfect skin (no shine)(no white cast on photos)  and it stays on for hours, and I mean hours girlllll !!  It doesn’t stain the clothes and you don’t need to worry about it sliding off, in case you get caught up in rain lol I would say if you have a  combination/oily skin with imperfections this foundation is definitely worth giving a shot .  

Estee Lauder Double Wear




Ester Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover 

This foundation is slightly different to the standard double wear . It is a very high coverage foundation that comes in a navy/gold tube packaging. The consistency is slightly different to double wear and its quiet hard to describe its almost fluffy like… With this foundation you only need a drop of it, as little goes a long way.  The coverage is amazing and I would definitely say if you have a lot of scarring or redness , you should give this baby a try . I personally don’t use this foundation on myself as I don’t think I need that much coverage, however I use it on my clients with problematic skin. The foundation doesn’t feel cakey on the skin, and gives you that instant matte finish, that some of us just love… Especially those suffering from extra oily skin … The price of this foundation is the same as Estee Lauder Double Wear which is Β£27.90 . It is not the cheapest foundation however it is worth the price tag … 

Estee Lauder Maximum Cover



Loreal Paris True Match Super Bendable Foundation 

Now this is my baby ! It is my to go foundation , I love the coverage , the price (Β£9.99), the consistency and even the packaging is cool !  I usually purchase it at Boots  when I’m out and about shopping . Now the reason why I use it everyday, is because it is lightweight and it covers my imperfections well.  I only use about 2 drops on my face and it is enough to cover my face and neck. The consistency is quiet liquidy and I would say the finish is a tiny bit dewy  . It is not a foundation that will make my skin matte for the whole day, but I don’t mind that healthy glow look, it doesn’t bother me.  If I feel I am getting too shiny I just use a piece of tissue and pat the shiny area to get rid of excess oil .  The foundation lasts me all day which is normally from 7 a.m., when I start getting ready for work till about 9-10 p.m.. I think 14-15 h stay, good coverage and no white cast on photos is good enough for a Β£9.99 foundation that is why I just can’t complain. Well not for that price anyway…

Loreal True Match



Chanel Vitalumiere 

I bought this foundation at John Lewis when I was out and about shopping for bits . The lady at the counter told me it is a matte foundation designed especially for oily skin… Well it isn’t so matte :/ Whilst the coverage is good the foundation is not matte at all . It is very dewy and the texture feels sticky . Sometimes I feel like they just put anyone on the counter with no make up experience just sales. I am a bit disappointed with this foundation as every time I put it on my face, it makes my skin look greasy and it doesn’t stay on for long. I think this foundation would look better on somebody with a dry or normal skin . Unfortunately it didn’t work for me , but who knows it may be your next Holy Grail … 

Chanel Vitalumiere



Thank you guys for reading my review and let me know your thoughts <3<3 


Love JJ xx ❀ 




8 thoughts on “Medium/High coverage foundations review pt.1”

  1. It’s a shame that you have oily skin and you were recommended the Chanel Vitalumiere. It is definitely a really high sheen foundation made for dewy skin, so most likely dry. I have never tried the true match. I have oily skin and my go to has always been Nars but I will try to L’oreal. Lovely post πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know Hun, I’m really disappointed with the service and the product. I feel like people working on the counter should have make up/skincare knowledge but oh well :/ I hope you like True Match, let me know if it works for u x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You might have been served by someone working for an agency who is not properly trained. You can get the number for Chanel Head office and explain, they most likely will give you an exchange or a new one. Especially if you mention you’re a blogger! I will let you know πŸ™‚ x


      2. I don’t think I will be able to get an exchange as I bought it about 7 months ago :/ It’s just a shame cause I don’t use it at all but thanks for the advice babe x These days I feel like you need to match urself with the product cause not a lot of women on the counter have experience. X

        Liked by 1 person

      3. What’s worse is some of them do have experience and they still match foundation wrong! I always go by my own opinion now. If you put foundation on your hand and blend it in, if you move your hand and the foundation shows a sheen, you know it’s more for dry skin. Foundation for oily skin should have hardly any shine coming off it. X


      4. Yeh that’s what I do now I go by my own make up artistry experience and gut feeling lol It’s just sad because sometimes you think they have big knowledge about products they selling and they have no clue. I didn’t know that the sheen indicates the skin type it’s for , I will be definitely checking it every time I shop for foundation now lol x

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I really love EstΓ©e Lauder it’s just a bit too heavy for me for everyday wear . I heard about Amazonian Clay foundation, it’s meant to be really good x Thank you for reading my post Hun xx

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