Medium/High coverage foundations review : pt2

Hello my lovelies !<3

Today I’m writing a part 2 review of medium/high coverage foundations. The foundations that it will include are : Smashbox Studio Skin, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk,Revlon Colorstay and M.A.C. Studio Fix¬†…

Lets start….

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour wear hydrating foundation

I bought this foundation a while back … It was at the time I didn’t like my skin and wanted to cover it. I thought it will fix the problem of acne scarring,which is not even as bad as I¬†thought . ¬†The reason why I picked this foundation was the fact that, its oil free which means it wouldn’t clog my pores and cause me breakouts . Also the¬†thought of it being a long-wear foundation was quite appealing … I paid for it ¬£29.50 at boots and I think its worth its price. The foundation covers the impurities well and¬†doesn’t make your face look caked up. My face¬†didn’t look any more shiny than it was, plus it does stay on for long I would say 12h as that’s the longest I had it on… Whilst wearing this foundation I¬†didn’t get any breakouts and thats a plus¬†as my skin is very sensitive. There is nothing bad that I have to say about this foundation as we get on well….¬†


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 

I fell for the hype about this foundation¬†after seeing it on several Instagram posts and Youtube tutorials . I¬†thought if everybody is raving about it then it must be a diamond… some treasure thing … Well I bought it on the day, ¬†I’ve seen a girl at work wearing it and her skin looked flawless… That¬†day when I got home, I went¬†online and ordered¬†it ,hoping that my face will¬†look like, ¬†I¬†airbrushed the shit out of it lol The day it was getting delivered, I¬†couldn’t stop my excitement… I kept looking out for that bloody¬†postman… Then my ‘baby diamond’ finally got delivered yaaayyy. I opened it and thought ‘ Jheez I got myself a baby armani foundation’ ¬†I¬†didn’t even wait till the¬†next day to use it. I cleansed my face and¬†wacked it on¬†straight away,thinking it will change my face and make me look like Kim K or some next¬†prefect face diva. Well… I¬†didn’t turn into Kim K but¬†the¬†foundation did look good after I¬†build up the coverage ¬†. It says on the website that it is a medium coverage foundation but I would¬†say its more of a light coverage… still you can build that baby up no problemo… ¬†It comes in beautiful 21 shades and is meant to be for all skin types. It did work with my skin well and I have received some compliments¬†wearing it. I also didn’t notice new¬†breakouts ¬†and my only issue is how long it stays on. I¬†wouldn’t say it is a¬†long-wearing foundation but it is perfect for when you just want¬†to wear it for a few hours in the day (6-8h). I can’t really fault the ‘baby diamond’ its my perfect summer foundation.¬†


Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Skin

When my favourite foundation Rimmel Lasting Finish ¬†got re-formulated and¬†didn’t work for me anymore, I had to start looking for my next holy grail foundation. I heard¬†about Colorstay from my friends and just never got to try it, because I was so in love¬†with Rimmel that I¬†thought there was no point of replacing something that I was happy with. When Rimmel¬†didn’t work for me anymore I decided to give Revlon Colorstay a go… That’s when I started beating myself for not trying it sooner ! This foundation was the first one that took away the shine off my face. Couple years back my skin used to be extra oily, and I always struggled with keeping sebum at¬†bay. ¬†Every¬†bloody day I had to take away excess oil off my T zone area by dabbing it with tissue. It was¬†embarrassing¬†when people made comments about my shiny face… Thats why I was so happy when I found this¬†foundation as it did the job of getting rid off excess sebum and covering imperfections well . The only reason why I’m currently not using it, is because my skin is not as oily anymore and I¬†don’t really get any spots. So i moved on to True Match which is my new favourite. I would say that if you are suffering from oily skin try this foundation, as it will give you a nice matte finish. It is also long-wearing. I wore it outside in¬†rain and¬†believe me that shit¬†didn’t come off one bit lol Just to add the foundation comes in 13 shades going from¬†Ivory to warm¬†gold, so¬†if you are thinking to get one chances are you will be lucky to find your shade…


M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid 

I got this foundation at MAC when I was shopping for a new blush. In the end I didn’t find the blush that I liked so I decided to try this foundation. I always tell myself ‘ If it doesn’t work for me,it might work on my clients’ then I go ahead and buy make up lol The foundation looks good on my combination skin,it gives me that nice airbrushed look by minimising my pores . It also stays on for long which is good especially when I’m at work for 8 hours¬†. The only thing that puts me off is the smell of the foundation and the fact that it breaks me out a bit. ¬†If you don’t have a problem with MAC foundations and they don’t break you out its worth giving it a go. ¬†It cost ¬£22 which I think is quite affordable if you work, on the other hand if you’re a student it might be a bit too pricey… ¬†If it wasn’t breaking me out I would definitely wear it more often. ¬†Who knows it might work for you better than it did for me …¬†


I hope you¬†guys¬†enjoyed my review ‚̧ Let me know your thoughts xx¬†


Love JJ xx


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