Combination/Oily skincare routine

Hi guys !<3

Todays post will be about my skincare regimen. I have a combination/oily skin so this post is aimed at people with the same skin type, as I don’t think it will benefit people with dry skin…¬†

Morning routine 

  • Every morning I wash my face with No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser designed for Normal/Oily skin. This face wash is meant to dissolve make-up and impurities whilst helping to tighten your pores. ¬†I really like that cleanser as it leaves my skin baby smooth and its also soap free &¬†hypoallergenic. It is one of my favourite foaming cleansers as it¬†doesn’t break me out,and controls the shine in my T-zone.¬†I always wash my face with warm water as different temperatures (hot,cold) can irritate your skin.When I’m done cleaning it, I gently pat dry it with a towel. ¬†
  • Next I clean my face with a toner. I spray the¬†mist on my face and gently press it into my skin. The toner that I’m currently using is Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner¬†which is designed again, for oily/sensitive skin. It is meant to calm,balance and tone your skin,and it really does it to my face¬†. What I love about this toner is the rosey smell, the fact that its 100% natural and organic ,free from¬†paragons & silicones and most important NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS.¬†How not to love this baby !!<3¬†
  • After I’m done with cleaning my face,I usually apply a cream or primer, depending if I’m¬†applying my make up right after. At the moment I do not have my favourite cream so I just use Garnier Moisture Matte Combination/Oily Skin Moisturiser.¬†It works fine with my skin but I¬†wouldn’t call it something exceptional…¬†

Myth:¬†Warm water doesn’t open up your pores, it only makes them swell which makes them look open. Wash your face with warm water to prevent skin irritation,¬†don’t worry about the pores which are not temperature¬†sensitive. ¬†


Evening routine

  • In the evening I normally have to remove my make up,so I start my¬†routine¬†by cleansing my face with¬†Garner Simply Essentials¬†Soothing 2 in 1 make-up remover. I really love that product ,as it literally removes every little piece of make-up off my face. It feels quiet oily when you apply it, but it¬†doesn’t make my skin¬†shiny or break me out,as it is suitable for sensitive skin. It¬†doesn’t contain any perfume or alcohol¬†instead it contains a plant extract and pro-vitamin B5. I really¬†cant fault this make-up remover as its cheap and does its job well, and since I found it in Tesco’s I use it every night to remove my¬†make up.¬†
  • After removing my make up I wash my face with¬†No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser then use Dr Hauschka¬†Clarifying Toner¬†as described in my morning routine. ¬†Then apply¬†Garnier Moisture Matte Moisturiser¬†

There isn’t really much difference between my morning and evening routines as you guys can see. Sometimes I switch up products and instead of toner I use Witch Hazel or Aveno foaming face wash which are amazing for my skin. And thats how it goes…¬†


It is important to have a skin care routine, and since I started doing all these things,I don’t even get occasional 2-3 spots, that I used to get before my period. My skin has been really good and I regret I¬†didn’t start it sooner. ¬†Before I’ve found the products that work for me, I went through a lot of fails,skin reactions,allergies etc. So please make sure you read up on the skin care stuff that you are looking to use, and if it¬†doesn’t work for you ,¬†don’t give up ! Somewhere out there,on a shelf, there is a¬†product that will do wonders on your skin. ¬†Also expensive¬†doesn’t always mean good, so¬†don’t be afraid to try drugstore¬†products. A lot of them are just as good for your skin as high end stuff …


I hope you enjoyed reading my post,and please let me know your thoughts xx 

Love JJ ‚̧ xx

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