Barcelona : Cosmetics shopping Haul

Hi Guys !!

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I last posted …I think the sun being out got me a little lazy… Today I’m gonna do a quick post, about the things I bought, whilst on holiday to Barcelona. As you guys probably know,there isn’t a Sephora in UK, so I had to make the most out of it 😀 I also went douglas :))

Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush


I couldn’t just walk past it it looked so pretty I just had to have it <£ It is so much harder to resist when you see some items in real life … Peach Beach shade is just too beautiful and perfect for my skin colour . The other 3 shades are called Shimmer Finish,Something About Berry  and Sparkling Bellini … Price 29,50 euros . 

Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette 



​​This palette almost made my eyes poooop!!  The shades are so beautiful and there is so many of them (30). It won over the other pallets,that I have seen in store .  It went straight in my basket , didn’t think twice … price  55,00 euros. 

Cocoa Contour Chiseled To Perfection



I wanted an all in one contour kit since TIME so decided to give this one a go… I think it will be perfect for travelling ,saving me some space in the suitcase, hopefully 😀 price 38.50 euros 

Becca by Chrissy Teigen 



It just looked too pretty , for me not to pick it up … Its like those puppies that steal ur heart, by just staring at you lol price 45,00 euros 

Clarins Blush Prodige 


A very nice blush,that stood out amongst all the other ones

Urban Decay


I wanted to try Urban Decay eyeshadows since I’ve seen them in the make up class,at college . Never really got one, don’t know why, maybe because there is, so many good brands out there ,that I just forgot . I picked those colours because I’ve been wanting that deep reddish/burgundy shade, for a long time. I think those two will go perfect together … Price Moondust 21,00 euros , UD 18,90 euros 

YSL Touche Eclat, Artdecco Lip Color Shine, Douglas Mattifying Gel-Cream 


Make up artists,junkies,bloggers etc have been raving about this foundation, for a while now, so I decided its time to purchase it… price 34,95 euros 

Lipstick just looked cute so i picked it up price 17,99 euros 

I needed a mattifying cream, as my face was getting extra oily, whilst in Barcelona, due to the heat. Thats the only one that appealed to me so I decided to get it … price around 14 euros (lost the receipt) 

Clarins Joli Rouge


I was looking for a dark lipstick to make that statement lip. Decided to buy this one, once on I  didn’t like it as much, but it’s maybe cause I’m not used to wearing ,dark colour on my lips :)) price 25,50 euros 

Sephora Green tea exfoliating wipes & water cleaning glove 


These wipes and glove are a heaven sent . I won’t write much about those, as I will do a separate post about these 😀 wipes price 5.95 euros, glove 9,95 euros 🙂

Free Samples 


These are just some of the free samples I received. They quite generous in Spain lol 🙂 

Thank you Lovelies for checking out my post, and now let me pray my bf, wont see how much I spent on make up… 

Love JJ !

5 thoughts on “Barcelona : Cosmetics shopping Haul”

  1. I definitely want to give the sweethearts blush a try! You have a wonderful writing style. Just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m in love. Liked and subscribed.
Check out my blog sometime?
Have a good day!
Mena from noirerewritten 🌷

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