Sephora : water cleansing glove and exfoliating wipes review

Hello my beautiful beasts !!<3 

Tonight I’m writing a review about Sephora Green tea exfoliating wipes and Sephora Water cleansing glove …These two items are literally  the best things that I’ve come across lately . Honestly it’s like some WOW kinda shit like WOW !

Lets start with the glove, its honestly like the best thing ever, if you got lazy days like me, and don’t want to use chemicals on your skin, just WAAATEER. This microfibre baby takes off your make up,(even waterproof)  with just water . Like all you need to do is,wet it with warm water,and run it over your face . And it works, I’ve done it as soon as I was back at the hotel the evening I bought it.  I was sceptical about it considering how many different products I had on my face, but the magical glove, removed it within seconds . After using it, I washed it with the soap, as instructed on the packaging and left it to dry. You can also wash it in the washing machine, if its easier for you … There’s nothing negative I have to say about this products, its affordable about 10 euros, soft ,easy to clean, and most important REUSABLE. I LOVE IT AND I ALREADY STOCKED UP 😀

BeFunky Collage

On the last picture you can see a brand new glove compared to one that has been used and washed a couple of times . Literally theres no difference in the appearance and both feel the same in touch :))

Green tea exfoliating wipes 

I don’t know if you can get this type of wipes anywhere else but Sephora, and its the first time I’ve come across these so I want to share my experience . These wipes are something else, I’ve never used wipes, that have two completely different sides. The first side is exfoliating is has integrated-micro spheres that gently exfoliate your skin and gets rid of dead skin. And it honestly does that, it feels like u having a gentle peel or as if your are using exfoliating gel on your face . The other side is very smooth, as its meant to cleanse your skin and remove any traces of make up left. Now I haven’t tried it with my make up on, so I cannot comment on that bit just yet 😀 However, I’ve used those wipes after I cleansed my face with the water glove, and it worked well  for my skin. I really really like those wipes as they do, what it says on the packaging, they also very moist, and contain green tea which is great, for blemish-prone skin.  Now I ain’t complaining on this product  either , I got these for only about 6 euros and they heaven sent. STOCK STOCK STOCK STOCK UP ! 


A little collage to show you guys both sides of the wipe,and the packaging… 

I hope you guys like my review ❤  Please let me know your thoughts, and if you tried these or something similar,please let me know :)) x 


Love JJ ! x<3

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