Zoeva brushes : my first impression

Hey Guyys !<3 

So I’ve finally got the brushes that a lot of make-up artist been raving about and the reviews been killing… I must admit, I didn’t know which brand to pick as Morphe Brushes is being compared a lot to Zoeva, and is highly rated as well. However  I decided to give Zoeva brushes a GO first ! They suppose to be a dupe for MAC and Sigma or so they say :)) 

I got them off the website called CultBeauty . The set that I ordered is called Rose Golden Complete Brush Set-Volume 1 and it costs £110 which is okay as it works out about £7.30 per brush 😀  

The brushes came in a box and then another box … the Zoeva box is all black with a company logo on it.


As you can see it’s a lovely packaging , to be honest I wanted to keep it lol but then I told myself , it’s just a packaging so we had to part 😀 


Inside you find 15 brushes and a clutch bag to keep them in. Now I don’t really like the look of the bag, however I do love the brushes. I think I will be,keeping them in the belt, for easy access and to avoid searching the bag, trying to find the brush I need at the time. Plus the brushes are too pretty ,to be hiden away lol 


Aren’t these cute ? Not even that they feel nice in touch and the bristles are soft and fine… Also the numbers on each brush are great, if you not sure of the brush purpose…That is all I can say for now…  I haven’t used the set yet so I can’t give a full review, but the first impression is very good :)) Just to admit I have a Zoeva set that I bought on eBay for about £12 and even though the bristles feel different to original, the stippling brush is my favourite and it’s doing the job well,just like the rest of the brushes…Still  I do hope the original set does even better 😀 

At the moment,as you guys can see, I am impressed with the purchase, and hopefully I feel the same way once I’ve used the brushes…

Plese let me know how you feel about these and if you know of any other good affordable brushes xx 


Love JJ !x<3

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