Barcelona my new found love <3

Hello my Lovelies !x<3

I went on a short 4 night holiday to Barcelona and I just fell in love … I honestly love this city so much that, if I could, I would move over there … I love the beaches, the sand ,palm trees…atmosphere , the whole scenery is just perfect …  Oh and the Sephora! 


The beach next to W hotel is beautiful…Las Ramblas most famous street in Barcelona is so lively, packed with tourists and locals, just enjoying the weather, sitting on the benches,shopping at those countless shops  or eating at a nearby restaurants … I love it, I could spend there, all day everyday … Love all those little stands with ice creams, waffles yumm and hot chocolate is just sick honestly ! 

Anyway, whilst in Barcelona with my daughter and a friend who also brought her child with her, I stayed at SB Plaza Hotel **** ,which was actually decent considering we didn’t spend much on accommodation .  Our hotel was located not far from Catalonia, and there was an underground station near by,so we decided to try and use trains, to get to where we  wanted to go, it seemed so exciting at the time lol 


As you can see, it doesn’t look much different to London underground station. It is also easy to travel, with a little bit of instruction you can get anywhere without getting lost :)) 


Gosh I love that picture , after I took it, for a moment, I felt like I might have some decent photography skills, then it just dawned on me that my iPhone camera is good lol  I took that picture in Port Vell, which is 5 min walk from the Oceanarium.  Now,the Oceanarium is quite similar to the one in London, they show you all the “Nemo”,”Dory” looking fishes,penguin show etc.  I must say this place is not as good as the London one …  It was BASIC …The only exciting thing there is, is swimming with sharks in the cage… Now, no way I could ever do that scary stuff, plus well oh well I can’t bloody swim !

Sharkie is saying Hola ! Cómo Estás … Guys,  I love that language, since back from Spain I’ve been looking into enrolling to a beginner course . It is always good to learn another language, especially when it’s so easy to remember ! 

My Beautiful Monsters ! If you ever looking to go Barcelona or Costa Daurada, please make sure you visit PortAventura theme park in Salou,Tarragona .It took us about 1.5 hours on train to get there from Barcelona ,and it was worth it! It’s a place to be, if you’re a big kid or got kids yourself … Make sure you spare at least 2-3 days for this place as it’s horrendously BIG. Next to PortAventura there is another theme park called Ferrari Land and PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park ! We got there at 3pm and had only 5 hours before the park closed, and during that time we only seen 1/4 of the PortAventura, such a shame !! 

My daughter loved the Sesamo Aventura part as it had a lot of rides for her age (6)and height… We spent there quite a lot of time as there was just so many things to do… This place is better than Disneyland Paris that we went to couple years back…

Honestly, the all 4 of us loved it, and I’m definitely looking to go back there, to get the full experience… 


If you are wondering about food in Barcelona,dinner is a hit and miss, just like anywhere else . I had steak 3 days in a row, I like it medium-well done(love steak!) but what I’ve been served wasn’t that at all . First one was dry as hell,second raw and third tasted like the smell of cheesy socks yuck I will stick with STK,Steak & Lobster etc. Breakfast on the other hand was just yummy… freshly squeezed orange juice,fresh bread,waffles just tasted so good,heaven! ! I’m a bread bitch by the way, thats why I’m so bloody chubby !! 


Oh yeh I almost forgot ! I promised to myself ,that from now on I travel with my Illuminated mirror . It’s so hard to get a good lighting in the hotel rooms, honestly it’s a struggle. And I love my make-up on point,since I’m a make up artist. The whole time I had to use a tiny little mirror, from my pressed powder and stick to basic looks …


I’m not doing it to myself again ,so mirror PACK PACK PACK ! 

I hope I didn’t bore you guys with my post, and that you enjoyed reading it ! xx 


Love JJ ! x<3


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