DIY Hollywood Vanity Mirror

 Hi Guys !! 

I wanted this mirror for such long time, that I still can’t believe I own one ! For a girl like me that loves make up, loves dressing up and can no longer deal with bad lighting it’s a must!  I was so tired of always trying to find the right angle and lighting to do my make up, that I started considering buying a Hollywood Mirror…

The research started and so did the shock as to how expensive they are ;o Now I wouldn’t mind spending £500 and up(XXL size) , if only I have believed that’s how much it cost to make one… Numbers didn’t add up… And that’s when I started thinking of CREATING one myself …well ,kind of myself … I’m such a bad DIY Bitch that the only thing I can do is a postcard drawing … lol

Anyway …So the thoughts turned into action and TAAAAA DAAAAA… 


The whole thing cost me around £150 :)) The items required  : 

  • 3 Broadway Vanity Mirror Light panels and 15 Warm White LED bulbs for a £95 from Value Lights Store
  • Single Bevelled Wall Mirror from Argos £39.99
  • Extension Lead approx £10
  • 3 plugs £5-7

The mirror went on the wall first , followed by the lighting panels . Now with the panels you need to attach the extension cable to the little socket inside the panel and then connect the other end of the cable , to the plug socket . If you not good at connecting cables please ask a professional to do it for you . Once that is done you just plug it in and that’s done ! The whole process took 30 mins and saved me a few £££ so I’m HAPPY !!!

I love the way the mirror looks and how much it brightens up my room. The warm LED bulbs are meant to replicate natural light and believe me they do ! Now I can’t wait to do my make up at my dressing table, it looks so GLAM! ❤ 


Hope this post can inspire some of you guys mwah xx 


Love JJ ❤ xx



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