My fav highlighters <3

Hello beauties ! x 

Today I will be writing a quick review of my favourite powder highlighters . The ones that made my TOP 4 are : BECCA by Crissy, Rosie for Autograph, Mary-Lou Manizer, Laura Mercier…

BECCA by Crissy  


I got this set whilst on my holiday in Barcelona. I fell in love with it straight away… Even thou the blusher, is too bright for my cheekbones, I decided to get it, just for those beautiful highlighters, and the bronzer included … The highlighters, are so highly pigmented, its like a dream putting it on . You don’t need a lot of product, to make the top of your cheekbones POP .

I love the fact, that there are 2 different shades as well . I normally pick the shades closer to the eyeshadow I’m wearing . I love what you get for the price(£45) and,I will be definitely trying more of BECCA products .

Rosie for Autograph 

Oh I love this baby ! And imagine I came across it whilst shopping at Marks & Spencers … They have a cosmetics range called Rosie for Autograph… Now I’m not sure which Rosie they’re on about … maybe Rosie Huntingon -Whiteley… Sounds about right …

Anyway back to the product . I got this loose powder baby in a shade “Rose Bud “. I never heard of this brand so decided to give it a go,and it ended up being one of my favourites. It looks stunning on my cheek bones, makes my cupids bow POP POP POP and the fact, that it is hypoallergenic, makes it just perfect for me . The price is decent (£18) and the highlighter is BUAV approved, and not tested on animals which makes it a winner for me … The little of the product goes a long way, the pigmentation is on POINT! I definitely recommend !


Mary-Lou Manizer

This highlighter is my recent buy … I’ve read about it on FB make-up groups , people forever recommending it to others, so decided to give it a go… You can never have enough GLOW in your life, right ! When I first opened it it didn’t look like, it was gonna do it’s job well … but BOY was I surprised when I popped it on my cheek bones,bridge of the nose and my cupids bow … It builds up really nice, to a soft glow. I love how it makes my skin look, like it glows from inside… I use it when I go for a more natural look and it never fails me … £18 on feelunique and you got yourself a real DIAMOND ❤

Laura Mercier 

This loose illuminating powder in a shade “Candelight” was a gift from my best friend… God this girl, forever knows what I like … When I opened it, it looked so pigmented and shiny that I was scared, to put too much on. I didn’t want to end up looking like a bloody candle stick… I’ve taken it easy, dabbed off excess powder, and it worked… The pigmentation is just SICK and apparently that baby contains Gemstone Complex which is meant to capture and reflect light …It does that, the highlight on my pictures is on point ! Now the price is £27, it is a bit pricey but if you can afford it ,definitely buy it .If not try and find a DUPE cause this highlight is a KILLA! 



I hope you guys enjoyed my review and that it wasn’t too long xxx 


Love JJ xx ❤

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