Laura Geller Illuminator palette trio (limited edition) : review 

Hello my lovelies !! 

Today I’m gonna write a review, and show you the swatches,  of  ‘Laura Geller Exclusive Limited Edition Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator Palette’  ( long title ey !) 

I bought this trio on beautybay for £22. I liked the idea of being able, to get all the 3 shades, without having to spend £16.50 on each one of them . 

My first impression was like WOW ! The shades are so lovely, and that swirly pattern looks so cute 😍 I honestly didn’t  want to ruin it … Looking at all the 3 shades ‘ballerina’ ‘glided honey’ and ‘peach glow’  I straight away picked my favourite which was ” ballerina ” . Soon after I started swatching,  I fell in love even more…Those  Illuminators glide on so easily, consistency is ON POINT, being delicate, they give you the right amount of highlight . I would say , they have enough pigment, to give you a soft GLOW.   

However it can’t always be all positives… After trying the illuminators , on my cheek bones, my favourite ‘ ballerina ‘ wasn’t my favourite anymore… It was a bit too delicate,  and I couldn’t see it POP on my tanned skin. It was like a fish lost in the sea  🌊 🌊. It think it might look better,  on somebody with light (pale ) skin tone . The  ‘glided honey ‘ was the new winner , it looks really nice on my skin and I like that golden look it gives me .  For myself I think it’s the most suitable  one out the trio, and I might consider buying the full size once I run out . 


GUYS ! If you are into delicate GLOW I would consider trying it out , the pigmentation , presentation and the shades are lovely . Now I know what’s all the hype about 💋💋

Thank you for reading ❤️❤️

Love JJ <3x 

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