The beauty of Mykonos πŸŒ΄πŸŒŠ

Hello beautiful monsters ! ❀️

I’ve recently been to Mykonos and I love it ! With this post I would like to give you guys  an insight of my holiday … It was only a short 4 night trip, however it was enough for me and my friend . 

To get to Mykonos we took a flight from Gatwick North Terminal airport, the flight time was 4hours . Quite long for somebody that hates flying (ME) 😨 

Once arrived, the heat HIT us hard . It was so hot and sunny outside, my face started melting lol 

Our hotel (Semeli Hotel) was only 3 mins drive from the airport and centered a 1 min walk from all the shops and restaurants , which was very convenient . Once we unpacked, showered, relaxes etc we headed to the town …

I love the look of Mykonos town and all those little alleys . There’s so many little shops and turns its like a maze. It’s quiet easy to get lost as every street looks almost the same …

Things to do in Mykonos 

I love the idea of beach parties, popular beaches in Mykonos are : 

  • Nammos 
  • Tropicana 
  • Paraga 
  • Paradise
  • Psarou
  • Scorpios 

If you are not sure what to wear to beach parties in Mykonos , I will tell you now wear just beach wear or shorts/skirt with a top . If you are heading to a restaurant and you looking to dress up, do so just forget about the high heels … 

    Back to beach parties … I have been to Tropicana , Paradise and Nammos , which was my favourite . The drinks and views on Nammos beach are amazing, the music is sick and the atmosphere is just great ! The cost of single beds are €40 ,cocktails around €20-€30. Also there’s a Nammos restaurant, again tasty food just a bit expensive … 

    The other place worth mentioning is Scorpios restaurant and beach . The food there is pricey but exquisite . If you’re looking to have a starter, main, desert and some cocktails  expect to spend around €150 per person . It is worth every penny though , not just because of the food but the views are also breathtaking . You get to see the sunset whilst dinning … 

    There’s also a few clubs if you’re looking for a night out . One of the famous ones is ToyRooms which you will find in London, it plays R&B and Rap . If you are not into clubbing, you can go have a dinner or drinks by the sea, or in one of those beautiful Mykonos alleys.  I must say the food in Greece is tasty , everything seems so healthy, I don’t think u can put on weight holidaying in this country… 
    TIP: Don’t even consider wearing high heels on this island, not even wedges ! It’s impossible to walk in heels due to uneven roads, also there’s no pavements here. Don’t make that mistake or else you will end up looking a fool like I did πŸ˜‘ 

    Remember high heels is a NO NO

    Some of the views you get dinning at the restaurants by the sea

    Guys! For those of you that love a bit of Sephora , there is one in town centre 😁 Just type in your maps Mykonos 84600 and it will take you right outside the shop ❀️

    Next post will be about the goodies I got in Sephora and a review of some of them … 

    My beauties thank you for checking out my post ❀️ Anything you would like to know feel free to comment πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ 
    Love JJ πŸ’‹β€οΈ

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