Special Ocassion Make-Up Look 

 Hello my lovelies ! 

I’ve recently started college  (September) studying level 2 Diploma in Hair & Media Make-Up . I already hold a qualification in Skincare & Make-Up but I feel like it’s not enough as it’s just a Certificate at level 2. Since I started college I’ve been learning some cool things , like blow dry, rollers , making weave , and different make up looks… 

I really like what I did today and I wanted to share it with you guys. The make-up I did on my model is something I’ve never done before so please be aware it is not perfect ! x 

I’ve enjoyed working with bright colours and FLICKING! Which I’ve not done before lol FLICK FLICK FLICK ! 

I’ve done both hair & make -up myself and I think it looks quite cool… The model is beautiful and this special ocassion look suits her 😁 

I hope you guys like it too ❤️❤️💋

Love JJ ❤ xx 

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