Abu Dabhi The Amazing Holiday Destination ❤️💋

Hi Lovelies !! 

Today I want to show you a piece of Abu Dabhi… I went there for a family holiday, I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to it , yet I was pleasantly surprised … My thoughts before going away was unbearable heat, constant sweating , covering up in that hot dessert sun , I just wasn’t looking forward to it . Once I got there I felt silly for thinking like that lol 

NO you don’t need to cover up from head to toe, just be sensible . All the cars and indoor areas have air con so u don’t sweat like a pig! Yes it’s hot outside but it’s bareable !! 

The hotel that we stayed at is called Emirates Palace and honestly this place is not even a hotel it’s an actual palace !!! The way it looks inside and out you would think Kings & Queens are living there lol I still can’t believe it took only 3 years to build it ! The place is horrendously big and from one wing to the other it’s 1kilometer journey ! Yass ! you read that right , 1 kilometre !! 

Yup there’s palm trees in the palace , fountains , Michelin star restaurant (Hakkasan) and few more , spa, gym ,ball room,  you name it they have it !

I honestly loved my time in Abu Dabhi, it was one of the best holidays ever, the view from our suite was amazing, in room breakfast was the best I had in life ! Waffles , Crepes , French Toast yumm ! Bitch I ain’t complaining about that one ! 

Abu Dabhi is just beautiful!! 

Oh and if you are looking to party MAD nightclub is CRAAZY ! They play hip-hop, pop , r&b and bashment ! It is honestly the best club I’ve ever beeen to , no London West End club could live up to that place ! 

By the way I rode a camel for the first time 😁They kinda stink and hurt your butt but look cute so all forgiven ! 

If you ever considered going Abu Dabhi or Dubai just GO ! I hate flying , I cry at every little turbulence but if I get the oportunity to go back there and do that 7h plane journey , fu.. I’m doing it ! 

Thank you for reading my post my lovelies 💋❤️

Love JJ x<3

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