Tutorial : Make you own lip pallete

Hi guys!!

Today I want to tell you guys how I melted my lipsticks into a lip pallete. The reason why I did it is simple, to save space in my plastic drawers and carry 12 shades in one box instead of 12 separate lipsticks. So I took some of my MAC, ABH and other brand lipsticks and BAAAM!! Melted these baddies!

What you will need to do it :

  • Empty lip pallete
  • Candle
  • Metal spoon
  • Face mask ( if u don’t like dealing with fumes)
  • Scissors
  • Make up spatula

So I started by picking the lipsticks that I wanted to melt. I made sure I picked the ones that had the most lipstick in it . I cut the lipstick off with scissors and dug out the rest with a make up spatula. Once that done, I began melting it over the candle.

Don’t hold the spoon too close to the flame, you want it to melt gradually .

Once it’s melted pour it gently into the lip pallete, stir it with spatula and then leave it to set .

Move on to the next lipstick and so on till u finish…


And voila ur pallete is done and ready to use…

I really love my new lip pallete, I love the fact that I could pick the shades that I want in it , and how simple it is to make… It took me only 30 minutes to melt 12 shades of lipsticks . I will be definitely doing it again as it will make my work as a MUA easier X

Thank you my lovelies for reading my post x Any questions drop a comment and I’m here to answer !x

Love JJ ❤ xx

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