Spray Tanning : Bronze goddes

Hi Guys

It’s been a while since my last post … I will try and be more consistent. Promise !

So today I got my spray tan done. I do it every now and then. Usually , if i can be bothered once a week on the off peak day as the price is £13 instead of £28 or something like that . You know them deals just lurk you in 😃Anyway so I thought I will do a post about it…

I personally never used to like the idea of getting a spray tan , I thought i would look orange like a puppet from sesame street or patchy like a Dalmatian . For some reason when I went for my sunbed session I decided to give it a go and since then I’ve never looked back … I love how brown it makes me look, like I’ve just come back from holiday …Like a brownie

Anyway baby girls lets move on to the whole process …

Spray tan has a magic ingredient called DHA it reacts to the dead skin cells in your skin, creating that nice tanned colour. It is thought to be safer than sunbed and last between 5-10 days. I say it all depends on the individual, it might last longer or shorter.

Before the spray tan you should exfoliate, it is really important for the even tan, also whilst I was studying my tanning unit at college, my teacher would stress it out so much . Me I’m crap at exfoliating, my spray tan still comes out fine though …But just EXFOLIATE

Let’s do the step by step

  1. Exfoliate (scrub that body, be better than me )
  2. Do not wear any deodorant,perfume , body lotion as it might make your body green or so they say ) Bish if you don’t want to look like Shreek just follow that step
  3. Remove any jewellery
  4. Cover your hair with a hair cap, put on disposable pants (they look like a nappy 😂) , put on the sticky soles on your feet and apply barrier cream to your hands , knees , ankles , elbows and if you want to be extra to your toes ..

Taaa Daa Now you are ready for your spray tan.

With the spray tan you have the option to pick the shade that you want ,there’s light ,medium, dark and extra dark. Each one of these shades has a different percentage of DHA in them . You can ask for the advice on the colour if you not sure,on the best option for you

Now your choice is to either get a tan done by a professional or to go have it done in a tanning shop , salon etc .Most of them will have a spray tan bed, just call in and ask . Gurl that bed will spray you from side to side, head to toe …

I had both done and I prefer the bed since it only takes five minutes, and saves me feeling uncomfortable since I get my tan done fully naked. If you are the shy one you can wear disposable pants and a bra.

Now back to the bed, It gives you clear instructions on the positions you must take (front,left side, right side,back) . After each spray the fan dries your body. And that’s it , once your body is dry its done . Leave it on for at least 4h, recommended time is 6-8h I always leave mine on for 8h. Then enjoy your shower

Now just to show you guys the difference it makes

Note : I opted for the darkest colour (4)with bronzer , you can also choose a clear solution. Bronzer shows right away, clear takes few hours to show . Both look great in the end …

First picture is before spray tan , second after and the third is after I washed it off 😁Looking like a toffee fudge 😋

To keep your tan lasting longer avoid washing with oil based products , just use mild soap. Forget about the swimming pool it strips of the spray tan and do not go gym until you wash it off . Just avoid excess sweating, sauna, steam room etc Opt for shower not soaking in bath 😁

Wanna be the bronze goddes, follow the instructions…

Any questions I’m here lovelies , thank you for reading my post ❤❤

Love JJ x ❤

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