Cosy wear whilst​ still​ fashionable

Hi guys! 

It’s been a long long long while since my last post… Got lost in the sauce sorry! 

Anyway, it’s getting cold and brrr I like to get more cosy closer to winter.  Two pieces and trackies are one of my favourite outfits at that time of the year, I just get a bit more comfortable when its cold outside my door… Since I love fashion I’m always looking for nice outfits to wear and the one below is one of them Cha!! Have a look and let me know what you think darlings! ❤ 

The outfit is from ohpolly

It’s very comfy and glittery, it can be dressed up with heels or worn with flats, I’m lazy so I’m gonna rock it with trainers for now… 

Let me know your thoughts ❤ 


Love JJ ❤ xx

2 thoughts on “Cosy wear whilst​ still​ fashionable”

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