Spray Tanning : Bronze goddes

Hi Guys It's been a while since my last post ... I will try and be more consistent. Promise ! So today I got my spray tan done. I do it every now and then. Usually , if i can be bothered once a week on the off peak day as the price is £13… Continue reading Spray Tanning : Bronze goddes

Abu Dabhi The Amazing Holiday Destination ❤️💋

Hi Lovelies !!  Today I want to show you a piece of Abu Dabhi... I went there for a family holiday, I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to it , yet I was pleasantly surprised ... My thoughts before going away was unbearable heat, constant sweating , covering up in that hot dessert sun ,… Continue reading Abu Dabhi The Amazing Holiday Destination ❤️💋

The beauty of Mykonos 🌴🌊

Hello beautiful monsters ! ❤️ I've recently been to Mykonos and I love it ! With this post I would like to give you guys  an insight of my holiday ... It was only a short 4 night trip, however it was enough for me and my friend .  To get to Mykonos we took… Continue reading The beauty of Mykonos 🌴🌊

Barcelona my new found love <3

Hello my Lovelies !x<3 I went on a short 4 night holiday to Barcelona and I just fell in love ... I honestly love this city so much that, if I could, I would move over there ... I love the beaches, the sand ,palm trees...atmosphere , the whole scenery is just perfect ...  Oh and… Continue reading Barcelona my new found love ❤

Holiday experience : Saint Tropez

Hi guys !<3  Today I'm gonna write a quick post about the holiday I went on 2 years ago in May . It was my first ever holiday(couples trip) and the best one so far  ❤  The best one because of experiences :  food , location and entertainment ... Since then I have been to… Continue reading Holiday experience : Saint Tropez