Special Ocassion Make-Up Look 

 Hello my lovelies !  I've recently started college  (September) studying level 2 Diploma in Hair & Media Make-Up . I already hold a qualification in Skincare & Make-Up but I feel like it's not enough as it's just a Certificate at level 2. Since I started college I've been learning some cool things , like… Continue reading Special Ocassion Make-Up Look 

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Swatches !! 

Hello beautiful monsters !!  Today I'm gonna present you guys with swatches of the new Huda Beauty palette. I'm not gonna go on about how sick it is,  you can see for yourselves ❤️  First row 😊 2nd  And the last one 😊  I don't have a favourite shade as usual because I love all… Continue reading Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Swatches !! 

Mary Lou Manizer & The Glow It Gives Me 

Hey Beauties 💋 I really fell in love with Mary Lou Manizer and it has become my number 1 highlight of all time ! I did write a review on it, in my previous post , and now I want to show you guys , how it makes my skin GLOW ... Enjoy 💋💋 ​​… Continue reading Mary Lou Manizer & The Glow It Gives Me 

Morphe 35F (fall into frost) palette : review

Hello beautiful creatures !  I have been given this palette for my 26th birthday. It was given to me by my lovely friend Laurs... Yass my girl knows what I like.... She managed to get it, before it fully sold out in March ! 😉  I was lucky to be one of the owners ... … Continue reading Morphe 35F (fall into frost) palette : review

Primark Make-Up Brushes : review

Hi Loves !<3 Today I'm gonna do a quick review on Primark Oval brushes , as I definitely think , they are worth mentioning. I have been using them for a good few weeks, and they replaced some of my Real Techniques brushes....  The reason why I like these brushes is their quality and affordable… Continue reading Primark Make-Up Brushes : review