Tutorial : Make you own lip pallete

Hi guys!! Today I want to tell you guys how I melted my lipsticks into a lip pallete. The reason why I did it is simple, to save space in my plastic drawers and carry 12 shades in one box instead of 12 separate lipsticks. So I took some of my MAC, ABH and other… Continue reading Tutorial : Make you own lip pallete

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette : swatches & review 💋

Hi Guys !!  I decided to do a post about ABH Lip Palette, I bought it the other week on ABH UK website for £48 and I think it’s worth a review .  As you can see from the picture above this lip palette comes in 18 shades, 6 of them are primary shades, great… Continue reading Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette : swatches & review 💋

Special Ocassion Make-Up Look 

 Hello my lovelies !  I've recently started college  (September) studying level 2 Diploma in Hair & Media Make-Up . I already hold a qualification in Skincare & Make-Up but I feel like it's not enough as it's just a Certificate at level 2. Since I started college I've been learning some cool things , like… Continue reading Special Ocassion Make-Up Look 

Naked Heat Palette : swatches & review 

Hey guys 💋 I recently bought my first Urban Decay eyeshadow palletes . I don't know why I haven't owned one sooner, since I'm a big make up junkie ... I went to Urban Decay shop in Westfields Stratford, and the first pallete that caught my eye was Naked Heat(39.50) . It was right at… Continue reading Naked Heat Palette : swatches & review 

Mary Lou Manizer & The Glow It Gives Me 

Hey Beauties 💋 I really fell in love with Mary Lou Manizer and it has become my number 1 highlight of all time ! I did write a review on it, in my previous post , and now I want to show you guys , how it makes my skin GLOW ... Enjoy 💋💋 ​​… Continue reading Mary Lou Manizer & The Glow It Gives Me 

Zoeva brushes : my first impression

Hey Guyys !<3  So I've finally got the brushes that a lot of make-up artist been raving about and the reviews been killing... I must admit, I didn't know which brand to pick as Morphe Brushes is being compared a lot to Zoeva, and is highly rated as well. However  I decided to give Zoeva brushes a GO first ! They… Continue reading Zoeva brushes : my first impression

Barcelona : Cosmetics shopping Haul

Hi Guys !! It's been nearly 3 weeks since I last posted ...I think the sun being out got me a little lazy... Today I'm gonna do a quick post, about the things I bought, whilst on holiday to Barcelona. As you guys probably know,there isn't a Sephora in UK, so I had to make the most… Continue reading Barcelona : Cosmetics shopping Haul

Combination/Oily skincare routine

Hi guys !<3 Todays post will be about my skincare regimen. I have a combination/oily skin so this post is aimed at people with the same skin type, as I don't think it will benefit people with dry skin...  Morning routine  Every morning I wash my face with No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser designed for… Continue reading Combination/Oily skincare routine