The beauty of Mykonos 🌴🌊

Hello beautiful monsters ! ❤️ I've recently been to Mykonos and I love it ! With this post I would like to give you guys  an insight of my holiday ... It was only a short 4 night trip, however it was enough for me and my friend .  To get to Mykonos we took… Continue reading The beauty of Mykonos 🌴🌊

Sephora : water cleansing glove and exfoliating wipes review

Hello my beautiful beasts !!<3  Tonight I'm writing a review about Sephora Green tea exfoliating wipes and Sephora Water cleansing glove ...These two items are literally  the best things that I've come across lately . Honestly it's like some WOW kinda shit like WOW ! Lets start with the glove, its honestly like the best thing ever, if you got lazy days… Continue reading Sephora : water cleansing glove and exfoliating wipes review

Barcelona : Cosmetics shopping Haul

Hi Guys !! It's been nearly 3 weeks since I last posted ...I think the sun being out got me a little lazy... Today I'm gonna do a quick post, about the things I bought, whilst on holiday to Barcelona. As you guys probably know,there isn't a Sephora in UK, so I had to make the most… Continue reading Barcelona : Cosmetics shopping Haul